“Soutok” game preserve


“Soutok” game preserve is the largest game preserve in the entire Czech Republic. It encompasses an area between the Morava and Dyje rivers north of their confluence. It offers unique atmosphere of floodplain forests which are interwoven with forest channels, oxbows and pools. The forests are complemented by ancient solitary oak trees.

Red deer, fallow deer and wild boar are bred in the game preserve. Four strongest red deer trophies since 2004 reached 201 – 211 CIC points, thirteen fallow deer trophies reached gold medal value of 180 – 213.92 CIC points. Record red deer trophy is 225.6 CIC points and record fallow deer trophy 213.92 CIC points.

The game preserve covers 4,232 ha, out of which 3,395 ha are forest stands, 532 ha are farmland, predominantly meadows, and 305 ha are covered with water.

The stylish historical hunting lodge “Dubravka” offers accommodation in a four-bed room and a double room for as many as six hunters. It also has a common room with an open fireplace, a kitchenette, shower and toilet. Further accommodation can be arranged in the “Dubravka” gamekeeper’s lodge which offers two double rooms, a dining room with kitchen, bathroom and a toilet.