“Moravský Krumlov” game preserve


“Moravský Krumlov“ game preserve is situated at the foothills of the Czech-Moravian Highlands, in the vicinity of the town of Moravský Krumlov in altitudes of 250 – 420 metres above sea level. Southern slopes covered with oak forests gradually change into flat hillocks which steeply descend into the valleys of the Rokytná and Jihlava rivers. The game preserve’s northern part is characterized by colder biotopes with spruce, pine and linden.

Red deer, mouflon as well as wild boar are bred in the game preserve. In 2004-2013 eighteen gold trophy stags were shot here and eight gold trophy tuskers (120-132,90 CIC points). However, as for the highest number of medal trophies, mouflon boasts the highest quality game. 5-10 gold trophy mouflon are shot here every year. The strongest trophies reach each year 220-240 points. The historically strongest red deer trophy was 245.70 CIC points, for mouflon it was 243.4 CIC points. The game preserve covers 2,411 ha, out of which 2,390 ha are forest stands.

Hunting guests stay in the “Ivančice” hunting lodge which offers two double rooms, a common room with an open fireplace, kitchenette, shower and a toilet.