“Bulhary” and “Klentnice” Game Preserves


The “Bulhary”and “Klentnice” game preserves are situated on the slopes of the Pavlovské Hills in close vicinity of the wine-growing town of Mikulov by the Czech-Autrian border. The hills elevated above the surrounding landscape reach the altitude of 320 m above sea level. The surrounding forest stands consist of oak, hornbeam and other broadleaf tree species. In “Bulhary” game preserve the dominant game is red deer and fallow deer, complemented with wild boar. The eleven strongest red deer trophies from 2004 have reached the value of gold medals.

In “Klentnice” game preserve fallow deer and mouflon are bred. The conditions resemble those in “Bulhary” game preserve. More than fifty fallow deer trophies reached the value of gold medal in both preserves and twenty-five mouflon trophies were over 220 CIC points (2004-2013). The strongest trophies were 207.29 and 208.71 CIC points for fallow deer and 235.55 and 240.60 CIC points for mouflon.

The record trophy of these two game preserves is 241.49 CIC for red deer, 208.71 for fallow deer and 240.60 for mouflon.

The strongest trophies in 2004-2007 were 193, 197 and 207.29 CIC points for fallow deer and 226 234 and 240.70 CIC points for mouflon. The record trophy of these two game preserves is 231.78 CIC for red deer, 207.29 for fallow deer and 240.70 for mouflon.

“Bulhary” game preserve covers the area of 1164 ha and “Klentnice” game preserve encompasses 485 ha. The newly built Bulhary hunting lodge provides high standard accommodation to hunters from both game preserves. There are two single rooms, three double rooms and one triple room with en-suite shower and toilet, common room with an open fireplace, kitchenette and a toilet. The available accommodation is complemented by the Vodárna lodge.